Grapefruit + Cinnamon DIY Home Humidifier

Blogger Stephanie Gerber wrote in her blog to welcome the new year: Happy New Year! We welcomed the new year with a wet, cold and rather dreary day. Which means my heat is running almost nonstop. I found a DIY home humidifier trick from Good Housekeeping that adds some much needed moisture to the air. Bonus: it makes my house smell amazing!

DIY Home Humidifier Ingredients

Add a stick of cinnamon, a peel of grapefruit, and maybe a shake or two of allspice or nutmeg to a large saucepan of water. Keep it on low and make sure to add water when needed. That’s it! Just let it simmer all day. The moisture in the air is great for the house – and my skin. It gets so dry in winter!

DIY Home AZ0A7897

The boiling water releases moisture into the air in the form of steam; the same way as a humidifier. To circulate the moist air, add a fan next to the stove to blow the air around a bit.

My hubby said it started to look like a “witch’s brew” but the concoction still smelled amazing on the 2nd and even 3rd day. Plus the smell is so homey. It makes me want to bake.

What do you do to make your house smell great?




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