Sinigang na bangus na may puso ng saging

Reblogged from: The Flavors of Iloilo

I love puso ng saging, be it kinilaw or adobo but my ultimate favorite is when it is made of part of sinigang na bangus. I was leaning to having some leftover pork tocino for lunch but when I opened the kaldero and saw the milky sabaw of this bangus sinigang – all the tocino thoughts disappeared.

It’s a really simple dish – just cook like the way you make sinigang and instead of radish, okra and other sinigang veggies, just use puso ng saging plus the “undeveloped” bananas. The preparation of the puso ng saging is where the tedious work begins, as you have to be experienced in doing so. There’s the peeling of the outer layers until the white one appears and the washing to get those bitter taste off. And it has to be cooked right away to get the milky color of the broth. I haven’t really seen and tried a non bangus sinigang with puso ng saging though I think it would work also as good. Maybe shrimps next time, for the play of colors and taste would all too delicious to overlook.

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