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Re Purposed Crutches Into A Pea Trellis


A Reblog from the “Homestead Survival”  |  Thanks to Deb Mathenia for FB share  A creative reader at helpful gardener shared this amazing idea to re pupose an old unused pair of crutches instead of purchasing a trellis …. she made one.

This is a very frugal concept.

1. Dig a hole on each end on the length of the garden row.

2. Position crutch horizontally and firm in the dirt firmly around it. Use your feet to firmly pressed down around the crutch. Repeat with other crutch.

3. Tie twine to the bottom of one crutch. Loop several times around then string the across garden row to other crutch. Repeat looping and stringing twine across to other crutch as you jump two inches with every vertical layer


Bloglink:  http://thehomesteadsurvival.com/purposed-crutches-pea-trellis/#.UaLFWNiJiK9