takway luto

The gabi (taro) is just one of those plants which is edible from “roots to tops”. The most popular of which is the tuber part which is used in a variety of dishes and mostly in combination with coconut milk. Its leaves, of course, is the main ingredient of a Bicol specialty, laing. It is dried then chopped and sauteed with other ingredients including, again, coconut milk. (Photos by: Flavours of Iloilo)
takway - gabi tendrils
Then there is takway. The local term for its tendrils/runner, that part which is torn between being a stem or a root for it neither grows upwards nor downwards – it grows sideways. Scraped off of its outer skin, takway is often a key ingredient in vegetable dishes like laswa and the gabi tuber with coconut milk and local snails know as bago-ngon. It is also popular when cooked adobo style with guinamos, the local bago-ong.

It is very popular in the region that even big supermarkets sell takway in style – cleaned and plastic wrapped in styro with some additions to make it easier to prepare.


Taro Plant Photo: malamakauai.org

Bloglink:  http://flavoursofiloilo.blogspot.com/2010/11/takway.html

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