ECHOstore: Eco-sustainable, eco-friendly

sherry 888By: Sherry Sorono-Panes |Shopping is a wonderful experience; and it can be so if you can find a store where the experience becomes a journey. It is the one reason first time customers keep coming back. And when they do they learn and tell others and now you have a cult following that spread the word: there is a store where you can buy products that are responsibly and sustainably produced locally; with farmers and producers, owners and customers sharing the same view that business can be an agent of change.

ECHOstore is the first concept store of its kind in the Philippines. ECHOstore holds the shared vision of many like-minded people who advocate to nurture and sustain the Self, the Community, and the Planet.

The friendly welcoming symbol of ECHOmarket.

Frontage of ECHOmarket and ECHOstore in Serendra.

ECHOmarket interiors

ECHOmarket facade
Basic Info: Location: Ground Floor Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, 1600 Taguig, PhilippinesHours: Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PMEmail: echostore@echostore.phWebsite:   http://www.echostore.phThe whole concept of this unique store is to carry items that are grown organically, processed responsibly and also special in unique in its own kind of way that brings producers and consumers on the same playing field: products that are earth-friendly, sutainably produced and grown and priced right.  In a short time ECHOstore produced a loyal army of customers and supporters that shares their passion for eartn-friendly and sustainably grown products.  Visit their site at:
Check out ECHOworld at our flagship store in Serendra!
Miss Earth 2009 celebrates Earth Day at ECHOstore.

Our adopted Family PACCI- of ECHO Village Stores in Palawan, Naga, Bacolod, Baguio, Gen San, Esteban Abada and soon, Sorsogon.

ECHOstore Trio: Chit, Jeannie and Reena.

Light up your ECHO-world: Little gifts that go a long way..ECHO’s soy candles!

ECHOStore partners with Shangrila Hotels: wellstocked shelves waiting for the ECHOshopper.

This is where we get our organic vegetables for sale at ECHOmarket. It is located in Amadeo, Cavite.

When freshness matters: Mangoes in Chit’s, lettuce in Reena’s arms and kadyos in Jeannie’s.

ECHOstore. ECHOsustainable. 


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