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Reflections on a Cold, Rainy, and Silent New Year in Auckland

By: Jonan Castillon  <||>  It’s our first New Year in Auckland and I can say that our celebration is quite unique. It was very far from the noisy and explosive celebration that we have in the Philippines.

The stillness of December 31 midnight drowned the very few firecracker pops that some nearby families lighted to mark the coming of January 1, 2012.

After that, there was complete silence in the neighborhood. I assumed that it’s either everyone was sleeping peacefully or having intimate and silent celebration in their homes.

The rain and the cold wind discouraged us to view the night sky. We were hoping that somehow, somebody in the community would light some fireworks. There was none.

The Football/Cricket field at Bond Reserve in Forrest Hill Suburb, Northshore City is just across our home. It offers a vantage place for viewing fireworks.

However, in the stillness of the night, we greeted New Year 2012 in silence. I wasn’t dismayed at all nor was I concerned that a silent New Year would mean something bad may happen. Lots of Filipinos believe that the noise of firecrackers or any medium will drive bad spirits away.

If this is true, then the bad spirits demonizing our country might have been wiped out by now after the many, many years of celebrating New Year with fireworks and loud “noises”.

In the cold, rainy, and silent New Year in Auckland, I reflected that what makes our lives abundant and glorious are those that are founded on patience and hard work.

There is the Great Almighty, Loving, and Merciful God who has provided completely the resources for sustaining and enjoying life, whether you are in Auckland or Philippines. Faith makes patience attainable in whatever circumstances because you are certain that God will deliver.

Hard work and diligence are needed to harness what God has prepared for us. It is the simple principle that if I wanted to achieve what God has in store for me; I must work diligently for it.

I will always remember that our first New Year in Auckland was a cold, rainy, and silent New Year.

However, looking beyond the sunset that adorns daily our horizon here in our new home in Auckland, we are in for a very explosive year and years ahead because we have the Almighty God working silently behind us.


Jonan Castillon and his family are from Iloilo and moved to live in Auckland late last year. He blogs and keep busy with work and family and serving in the ministry of his local church in his new country, New Zealand.

Bloglink:  http://www.livinginaucklandtoday.com/