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Eco-Houses: Solution to waste and conservation

With construction and materials costs skyrocketing at unbearable levels, unique ideas and applications have come up. This is specially true in third world countries where everything from money, supplies and resources are scarce.  Take a look at this photos shared to us via Homes for You.  Imagine thesavings in cement. mortar and bricks because a lot of empty glass bottles were used in the walls.

Think also of the energy savings during the day because light passes through them. And if planned ahead you can even arrange bottles of the same colors or mixed colors to illuminate the rooms.  Bravo! an idea that has come of age in difficult times like this. The greatest thing is: it is already there. They are just ready for the taking from recycling centers, although maybe some of them here in the U.S. will charge or sell them to you.

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Walls made of empty bottles.

Think of the money and time saved by not using hollow cement blocks or bricks.

Bolivia: Another fine example of the use of glass bottles.

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An arch built in Honduras. Once the archway is secured, they will pour cement to secure the form.

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