Weekend Breakfast: In Praise of a Friend

Spring and summer conjures a wonderful feeling within us. Flowers bloom and everybody is excitedly jovial and anticipation of summer is taken with renewed “ohs” and “Ahs”.  The white picket fence reminds me of our visit to a friend some weeks ago.  Who would not obliged to an invitation especially from a friend and also knowing that she and her family are generous hosts.  That is my friend. And we all love her and her family. The downside is she has cancer and is valiantly fighting the disease.  There are times that she barely holds on, but most of the time she is strong and determined to survive.

Her faith is so strong that when she had her cake, it was her youngest granddaughter who blew the candle for her. She spoke with cadence, as she encouraged us and reminded us that everyday she lives it is a bonus from God.  She was full of life a she navigates around her house talking to her guests, hugging and kissing; savoring the moment of love, life and family.

Faith is what keeps us going. Faith is believing in things unseen and it is this kind of faith that kept our parents anchored when they were raising most of us. It is this same element that we kiss our children goodbye everyday; knowing that in the evening we will see and talk with them about our day with each other. Without faith, how could we ever allow our children to walk to school and come home unharmed? Faith developed within us a kind of spirituality that makes us impervious of the demands of this world as it tries to pull us away.

As we become more spiritual, our love for the world is lessened.  But the world never sleeps and keeps on its attack to our senses. Being spiritual is hard. But the fruits are so profound that it changes our whole being and focus more on areas that now brings more meaning to ourselves: we become more compassionate, loving, truthful, productive, caring, reaching out, involved. The more we do this we become less interested in “having stuff.”  Things never make us truly happy. It is beyond things that we find true meaning.

So let us enjoy this weekend and the coming week with a positive thought and intent that we can win this “war” against things by a simple change of attitude. The we find a truer meaning, a new dimension in our lives.

If you look at “COOL IDEAS” in one of the buttons on the left of our home page, I am so impressed with what you can do with skid pallets and even carted wood made into cabinets. To me having new use for these items is just another dimension of looking a things. Freddy took home some pallets and twigs.  I guess he’s got some projects in mind.

Enjoy your coffee! And have a happy time with family and friends. Peace and blessings.

Sherry Sorono


Flickrphoto by: pepin ordona