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Weekends are times we all cherish. It is a time for family.  A time for us to extend sleep and then review the never ending “to-do-list” and to check that the “ship” is fully loaded.

I like to think of our houses as “ships”.  Ships are self-contained and although our homes never float at sea (unlike the “sampans” in Southeast Asia) I would like to imagine that one way or another it is self-contained.  You should be industrious enough to check that all provisions are loaded before you set sail.  My husband Freddy told me that the provision room on board the cruise ship, where he once worked as a Purser, is about as big as a regular Acme supermarket!

Everyone has an assigned task and their performance is like clockwork. So our house is very interesting in a way that he even have shut off valves for water, and gas that are properly labeled and positioned at the basement. When we go away for short vacations, our children know where the closure valves are! This is how organized he is; something he learned on board.

As families, set “sail” as we do every Monday.  We get to the grind of our hurried lives: some of us with small children around the kitchen table and telling us their stories. And we do the same to them telling them of the funny things happening at our workplace. Children love fun and happy stories. Allowing them to dwell too long on their tablets is never good. Engage with them in a happy atmosphere of conversation. Sometimes though, also respect the time they want to be quiet and alone.

ocean cityMy name is Charmaine “Sherry” Sorono and I am the Lifestyle and Cooking Editor of PINNAZZ Magazine. Based in Philadelphia I share my culinary skills to friends, visitors and kitchen lovers across the globe. I “inherited” my cooking skills and learned from the “masters” at our home kitchen under the tutelage of my dotting father Teodorico and adoring aunt Cita. From there I kept improving by listening and trying out new dishes from friends and cooks.

There are articles from blogsites that are really impactful, touching and beneficial. So we reblog them here with attribution and a bloglink back to their original sites to pay respect to their authors. Bloggers are informers and also teachers. We all learn from each other and I like this thought because it is kinda helping one another; especially in our quest to live healthy lives and make our world a better place.

My hometown of Philadelphia is a beautiful old city and worthy to visit this autumn of 2014! If you love architecture, history and food, why not visit Philadelphia this year!

Thank you for visiting my blog and feel free to email us your recipe and a photo of your dish. Blessings for sharing your love of the kitchen and your zest for life. It is where families are anchored and abound, and love comes plentiful. It’s the Grand Central Station of our lives inside our homes.


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