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Espresso on the road

Thanks to Ramon Alivio of San Jose, CA for this share.  This came early this morning Saturday. One of many do it yourself “Espresso” machines for your car. Yes your car! At least the gentleman got off the road prior to brewing!! la machine expresso pour la voiture – espresso machine for the car – handpresso auto La première machine expresso pour la voiture !  I guess the next thing they will put in is a mini fridge and a microwave. Ha ha! Troopers watch out.

Watch Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vqhDhv2al38

Bloglink: http://thursdayfile.ning.com/video/handpresso-auto-the-espresso-machine-for-the-car?xg_source=facebookshare