Halo-Halo: Anytime!

Halo-halo (from Tagalog word halò, “mix”) is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl.

Ingredients include boiled kidney beans, garbanzos, sugar palm fruit (kaong), coconut sport (macapuno), and plantains caramelized in sugar, jackfruit (langkâ), gulaman, nata de coco, tapioca, sweet potato (kamote), pounded crushed young rice (pinipig). In terms of arrangement, most of the ingredients (fruits, beans, and other sweets) are first placed inside the tall glass, followed by the shaved ice. This is then sprinkled with sugar, and topped with either (or a combination of) leche flan, purple yam (ubeng pula), or ice cream. Evaporated milk is poured into the mixture upon serving.


Filipino dessert means Mix-mix

Ingredients can include
· Red Mung Beans
· Nata De Coco (Coconut Gel)
· Macapuno (Coconut) Strings
· Sweetened White Kidney Beans
· Sweet Kaong (Palm fruit)
· Langka (Jackfruit)
· Sweet Ube (Yam)
· Ube ice cream,
· Shaved ice
· Milk (often canned evaporated milk)
Some can also include sweetened plantains (bananas foster) and leche flan


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