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When life gives you lemons, make Lemoncello!!

ObstaclesBy: Claire Capetta | A Reblog |  > Firstly, I want to apologise for my lack of writing recently posts recently. Last year we were happily renting a beautiful apartment in an old colonial in the village untill we found out that the Landlord lost it to the bank… A Foreclosure. We were given a 30 day notice to vacate and the only place available down by the water. We moved in and 10 days later we rode through Sandy, losing much of our papers, documents, Christmas decorations and all sorts of various items packed up still waiting to be organised. We lost a lot but grateful as we could have lost so much more as many other people did. But this you already know…

Now for some reason the storm must be good for ants because we became overun with them… everywhere! We notified the Inpiration, writing, motivationLandlord who told us they were our problem to solve as was apparently the leak from the tenants tiolet upstairs into our bathroom. We also didn’t like the fact that we were paying for the electric for the ‘shared washer/dryer” the whole basement which was shared use along with hall light and outside light so when it came to signing another 6 month lease he appeared surprised when we declined his offer… Strange huh? What were we thinking? lol

Well, we thought we could easily find another aprtment with no leaks or ants… How wrong we were! Therefore I’m now trying to catch up with all my social media, writing etc from a motel room… Hurray! This is our third week but this weekend it’s all sytems go as a new apartment awaits us this Saturday and the best part about it is… The Landlord will let us rent month to month… Happy dance!

Why? The wonderful thing about having a huge upheaval, putting your belongings into storage and paring everything down to clothes and essentials for a 3 week period has given us time to reflect as to what truly is important to us. We have been looking to buy a house here but I’m tired of the cold winters and huge price tags for everything from property tax, price of houses, gas. The list is endless! Now don’t get me wrong we are not paupers and we have loved New York’s summertimes and travelling around the city, I mean, you gotta love the city, especially in Summer. But when we sit and think about what we would get for our money else where it’s crazy! We both work from home so we are not tied down and then suddenly this light went on! If we move state we can affrod to buy a house here in the US and the UK. We can travel back and forth… Whoa! Loving the light switch!

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So we are taking a road trip (something I have always wanted to do!) with a 2 night stop in Washington DC then onto North Carolina to see my sister-in-laws for 2 days. We will be stopping for a couple of nights in Savanah, Georgia then onto Florida where we are going to look around and see where we want to live because yes… We are moving to Florida! Happy, sunny Florida here we come!

I have it all worked out too! I will be doing the concert here in New York and the show, Transformation from Abuse will be filmed in Miami… I am also going to start taking bookings for speaking at events too! Whoo Hoo! See? As they say ‘When life gives you lemons, make Lemoncello!!


In the meantime on the 1st and 2nd of June will be hosting an Author Table at our local Spring Fair! Can’t wait! So many good times are awaiting for us and I sincerely hope they are for you too! I hope you had a wonderful Spring, that it is treating you well and wonderful adventures await you too!

I missed you guys and I will be back on track catching up with everyone’s exciting adventures :-)



My debut my first novel, ‘A Broken Ring’ about A Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Empowerment was released on the 23rd September on Amazon.
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