Philippine Fruits

How we miss our own fruits. Every people native to their land places an emotional attachment to the fruits that reminds them of their homeland, and the times of their lives. Enjoy this section as you read and reminisce the memories of childhood dreams.  Remember how we all enjoyed Starapples or “Kaimito”?

3 thoughts on “Philippine Fruits”

  1. The only fruit that doesn’t grow in Miami , Florida is Lansones . This is the fruit i’m missing . Most of the Phil. fruits grow here since it’s tropical like the Phil. and I tasted all of them !. It has the same taste the same texture and smell .. OCT. is the Lansones season in the Phil… just the right time for my vacation this year… i couldn’t wait to eat my favorite fruit again !

    1. dear lorna, thanks for your comments. just like you we missed lanzones but they have at the asian stores “longan” (like long-gan) and they taste like lanzones. they are from vietnam and cambodia, but i guess they are the petite cousins of our lanzones. regards _ sherry

  2. have fun lorna, i wish boy can go this october for your reunion. it depends now on our schedule because something can come up. maybe i can stay and let him go to have fun with his classmates. thanks for dropping by.

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