Why we pay any price for a good cup of coffee


  By: Fernando Ceballos <||> What is the appeal of the coffee shop? What makes people go to coffee shops every day? Why do people pay the outrageous amounts of money for a cup coffee they can just as well make at home?

Simply enough, it’s because people just love coffee! They love the taste and the smell of the hot liquid craved by so many. It’s that “eye-opening” sensation you get from that first cup of coffee of the day. Of course, everyone has a favorite so the tastes and smells of the coffees and blends will vary from person to person. But from the first sip to the last, people love coffee. Some might argue that it’s the stimulating affect of the caffeine of the coffee bean that keeps them coming back again and again; however, those who drink decaf still can’t seem to get enough either!


Another reason people love coffee is the social factor: people love people! A coffee shop is a great place to meet people and socialize. You walk in for a cup of coffee in the morning and your chances of running into someone you know are very high. Who’s not happy after they their first cup of coffee?

By: Fernando CeballosA coffee shop is a great place to have a business meeting. You could meet either for breakfast, lunch or after work and it’s not as formal as the boardroom. A coffee shop is also very convenient for college students. Most coffee ships are open around the clock; there’s always one on campus (or just around the block). And who doesn’t need the caffeine to keep the creative fires burning!

Coffee beans and blends and other coffee condiments make great gifts. Different coffee types and accessories can put a smile on a gift recipient’s face.

Photo Source: “Coffee at 5:30 PM by aksharpathak, on Flickr”>

Author Resource: More Coffee Articles at http://Coffee-Today.com.

For many people, stopping at the coffee shop is just part of the morning ritual they couldn’t do without – almost like putting on socks. It is a quiet time to relax before starting the day, a time to stop and read the paper, think about plans for the day, or make a few decisions. Life is busy and hectic, and time for a coffee is time to relax and unwind or to get charged up for the day ahead.

Other than the love of coffee, the socializing and the rituals, going to a coffee shop is just plain easier than making the coffee at home. You don’t have to worry about grinding the beans or working the coffee maker. You don’t have to wait for the coffee to be ready. You don’t have to clean up. All you have to do is walk in off the street, place your order, and in minutes you have a great tasting cup of coffee just like you wanted. What could be better?

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