In Praise of Women

women presidents
Chile’s president Michelle Bachelet (L) and Argentine’s newly elected president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Guest Post by: Ferdinand Luyun | Most women of today are focused on personal and professional growth, building good family values, performing community services and creating friendships. Whether you want to give back to your community, develop your individual talents in speaking, writing and other areas or make great new friends, women especially mothers are always there to lend a helping hand. They deserve all the deep appreciation for the positive difference that they are making and contributing for a better world.

These days, women are quietly running and ruling systematically the world events. Since the beginning of mankind, women have left their trails and influences of shaping our modern world as mothers, wives, leaders and magnifying their presence as country and company presidents, queens of monarchies, teachers, actors, soldiers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, legislators, judges and all other professions and human endeavors. A fantastic feat, I declare. Mostly intelligent, persuasive, intuitive, a mastermind of innovative ideas, it is safe to say that they also possess the capacity of infinite patience and self indulgence.

iranaian woman who was shot
Neda Agha-Soltan: her death was seen around the world, a symbol of Iranian protests.

Although accomplished women are in the limelight today but still looked down upon by jealous and ignorant members of our male-dominated society, they deserve to be treated with mutual respect, fairness, equality and tenderness.

These privileges apply to all women in general. They do not deserve the old adage that “women were created” to serve and cater to all the needs and idiosyncrasies of men as in perpetual servitude. A big human mistake if, we men, continue and still adhere to that belief. Women, through their accomplishments, have given real meaning to the words; peace, harmony, liberty and love.

jing and son
Jing Limoso of Fairfax, VA and son. Home is where the heart is.

In celebration of Asian American Heritage month, Philadelphia’s Channel 6abc recently held its annual recognition affair called ” UNSUNG SHEro of the YEAR AWARD”, a prestigious honor given to seven different deserving Asian women of distinction. This yearly event is a part of the TV station’s Asian Community Advisory Board program to give importance to these ladies leadership skills, accomplishments and achievements and the sustainable impact that they make in their respective communities. The awardees included a nurse, dentist, a health advocate, community organizers and a philanthropist, among others and were feted at a sumptuous dinner at the Ocean City Restaurant in Philadelphia.

PCSNJ’s Frances Estela

I had the privilege to attend the ceremony and was awestruck by the large number of guests in attendance which were mostly women, various Asian community leaders and VIPs from Channel 6. Not to be out done was our very own Consul General Mario de Leon, Jr. who had a marvelous keynote address emphasizing the importance of women’s attributes and contributions in our society. One of the unsung heroine awardees and deservedly so, was no other than our very own smart, quiet, reserved and good looking community leader, Mrs. Frances Morales Estella. She is the epitome of a leader who does her community chores selflessly without craving for adulation, a class act in itself and a worthwhile legacy to ponder about and to be proud of. Our hats off to you Frances. Congratulations for this memorable honor. You are the toast of the town and we are very proud of you.

I am proud to recognize a true friend and a fluent speaker in her own right. Through her efforts as the chair of the Asian Affairs Committee, she made the whole affair a great success. Thank you Mrs. Grace Calvelo Rustia for a job well done. You are a difference maker!

As an ending remark, it is proper to declare that women of today are the moving spirit that enlightens our daily lives and the guiding light to bring peace and harmony to the whole human race.

Ferdie LuyunFerdie Luyun is the Associate Editor of the Inside PNAA News Online and runs the web portal for the national association; Philippine Nurses Association of America.  He also served as president of the Filipino Executive Counci of Greater Philadelphia.


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