Coffee talk: 4 amazing iced coffee drinks

Iced coffee drinks: Thai Iced Coffee

With temperatures reaching 80 degrees in New York City in April, it’s officially time to make the switch from hot coffee to iced. I’ve got to be honest, though, in the legendary words of Coffee Talk” host Linda Richman, bidding farewell to my warm morning cup of joe makes me a little verklempt.

(Talk amongst yourselves.)
Thankfully, I’ve found 4 delicious iced coffee recipes will help us make a yummy transition to spring.
Thai Iced Coffee (at top): sound fancy? Please. Our good friend Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen makes it no big whoop to make. Her exotic recipe calls for coffee, cream, sugar, cardamom and almond extract. Combine, drink, repeat.
Iced coffee drinks: Magical Coffee
The masterminds at Food52 selected this Magical Coffee recipe to be included in the first Food52 cookbook. They also say that you take a sip and “die of happiness.” All it takes is great coffee, cinnamon and brown sugar.
Iced coffee drinks: Coconut Cowboy Coffee
Combine coffee, coconut milk and chocolate syrup to make this Coconut Cowboy Coffee from lovely food blog Kumquat. Pour over ice and it’s (put on your best NY accent) to die for!
Iced coffee drinks: Mexican Iced Coffee
If you’ve got your own magic iced coffee recipe, by all means, take it away. Just do me one favor: start with cold brewed coffee. It’s less acidic than coffee prepared other ways and stays clear of the bitterness. Learn how with this cold brew coffee tutorial at Simple Bites. Thank me later.

So go ahead and make your own iced coffee goodness because, well, at that big coffee chain you get neither stars nor bucks. Discuss. -Stacie


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4 thoughts on “Coffee talk: 4 amazing iced coffee drinks”

  1. Before, I didn’t like coffee. But after observing that after drinking a cup makes me think better (I don’t know if it’s only me lol), it became a habit to drink at most twice a day.

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