Adios Amigo

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Hope you are all safe and sane after the full-moon. Round here in Provence the air was just filled with the electricity of moody maniacs. Drivers on the road racing as if it’s F1, the locals kvetching in the village square about the emmerdeur at the next table who’s done them in, and the baby… baby acting all terrible-twos. Cuddly-huggy-kissy the one minute, happily shaking his booty to the MDNA album, and the next minute he’s possessed by the spirit of Voldemort. Scary. Very scary.

I’m starting to believe the theory that full moon can affect people’s mood. Nope, I have no scientific research results to confirm my feeling, but just to be safe I did avoid the big outdoors just a bit more than usual. Well, that was until 4th of July summer sales started!

Guilty, I cannot really say that I’ve kept my shopping urges totally under control until the summer sales. But seriously people, a mere grocery shopping trip to Carre Four (which is the Disney Land of Supermarkets in France) tears my emotions between glee over the cheap, high quality clothing on the grocery shelves (so much stuff I didn’t realize how much I NEEDED), and nausea over the children in Africa dying of hunger while another french family is picking up a 880g jar of Nutella to snack on. It sounds trite, and yet…

Anyhoo, somewhere a french family will also be picking up a steak from the Boucherie de Chevaline (horse meat butcher), and their donkey sausages from the market. They keep both horses and donkeys as pets. UGH!!!

So there!, you can always find a valid reason for reversing the pity and a reason to feel somehow superior to ‘the other’.  Read on and click this link to go to Blog Adios Amigo.


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