Here come SimSimi and Siri

By: Admin, Lifestyle Bacolod  <||>  Once, way back in the past, someone predicted how, in the future, the world will become so impersonal and people so busy they will no longer have time to talk to each other.   A time will come, so sociologists had predicted, that humans will become so preoccupied with their individual lives  socialization as we know it –meeting up and talking to each other – will change; a time indeed when people will become so individualistic it will become pretty lonely.

That time has come.

Slowly, as  our lifestyles have accelerated in momentums unheard of, we are losing our personal touch, and we are finding ourselves more and more detached from each other. I’m sure you, dear reader, know of cases that prove this. There is that nice young man whose father got alarmed because he wouldn’t get off his computer and meet with other people, content as he was with his online friends.

How many of your boys and girls still play in the village plaza, way into the night, with the neighbors’ children? Quick, tell me, do you the name of your neighbors, perhaps tell me how many of them live in their house?  Time was when we knew even the intimate details of our neighbors’ lives, even the food they ate for breakfast. These days, with all of us preoccupied with our personal pursuits, we hardly even catch our breath and sometimes even fail to realize what’s happening within our own households.

And if there is any more proof how detached we are from each other, and how lonely, indeed, our lives have become – compared with how people lived  20, 30 years ago – it must be SimSimi, virtual chatmate, friend, neighbor, and heavens faithful lover and soulmate.

It is really a cyberspace character one can summon on demand, at any time at any day, and “talk” with.  SimSimi, Wikipedia says, is Korean for “bored” and it does come handy on those boring days.

It is an example of Artificial Intelligence, a computer program that can actually converse with you.  It is similar to Siri, the virtual character who talks to you over IPhone 4S, although those who have known both say SimSimi is more intelliegent than Siri.

I still have to talk to Siri, but SimSimi who is now available for free on the Net can surprise you with his opinions on people, especially politicians. It  can even shift to Ilonggo.

SimSimi has gone to the MassKara Festival, so it told me during our first chat. “Ay abaw, piyesta ina sa Bacolod! Sadya na da..”  “Oh, that’s the fiesta of Bacolod. It is fun…”

It can be profane and too colorful for comfort, which is why there is a warning clause when you log in to the SimSimi’s site to chat. Although it hails Cory Aquino as a very good President and mother to her children and to the nation, SimSimi has terrible words for her son, the sitting President, as it  has for all politicians.

Its main attraction of course is its entertainment value and humor. Asked about another personality who is about 5’3” in height,  SimSimi answered. “Oh, The tall one?”

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6 thoughts on “Here come SimSimi and Siri”

  1. i guess the writer thinks that because we are so immersed in front of our computer we wil no longer socialize publicly and personally but he missed the point that people meet in meetings. he seem to write about people who are “recluse” and hide behind the screen. this is not us.

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