Hello Kitchen Lovers!

Hello and Welcome!  <||>  The kitchen is the “Grand Central Station” in a home that encourages the togetherness of the family. Some families have long traditions of keeping the family together because of the bonding and support that all happened in the family kitchen.

This is where Lola and apo bonded together, in the same token that mother and daughter, mother and son did before. As we continue to lead busy lives and when it seems that work never ends; the peace and the creative demands of the kitchen and recipes takes that one person who loves the kitchen to a new level.  So let’s explore and share recipes and stories as we go along. Follow us and let us hear from you.

Make. Eat. Simple. . . . the ways of our life.

Feature Image: Flicker  http://www.flickr.com/photos/rovingisydney/4932055484/


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